Team Registration
Sport: Throwball


Venue: Tennis Courts


1) Two teams of 7 players, with a maximum of five substitute players (max 12 players in total) is allowed for each team (Maximum five substitutions during a set)
2) A team can take two time-outs of 30 seconds each during a set.
3) The first team to score 25 points wins a set. A match is three sets.
4) Service: one within five seconds after the referee whistles and is done from the service zone, without crossing the end line. A player cannot jump while serving the ball. The service ball must not touch the net. Double touch is not allowed for receiving the service ball and players stay in 2-3-2 position during the serve.
5) During a rally, the ball must be caught at once with both hands, without any sound or movement of the ball within the hands. Two players are not allowed to catch the ball simultaneously.
6) The ball is thrown within three seconds after being caught, only from above the shoulder-line and only with one hand. A player can jump when throwing the ball, which can touch the net
7) The ball is not touched with any part of the body other than the palm when catching or throwing (body touch). The ball can’t be shifted (passed) to the left or right, nor deliberately pushed.
8) The referee’s decision will be final.


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