Team Registration
Sport: Futsal


Venue: Gunroom Lawn


1. International FIFA Futsal rules will be observed.
2. A coin toss will be used to determine sides followed by kickoff.
3. Referee’s call will be final; any arguing with the referee will be considered a bookable offense.
4. If a red card is given to a player, he will NOT be allowed to play the rest of the game. The team is DOWN one player for the rest of the game.


a. It will be a grassy field.
b. Players are allowed to play in studs
c. Players are required to be in proper attire.
d. No one will be allowed to play in sandals or bare feet.


a. Each team will consist of 10 players.
b. Maximum 6 players can play at a time (including keeper, 5+1).
c. Rolling substitutions will be allowed.
d. Minimum of 5 players will be required on the field to start the match.


a. Each half will be of 8 minutes.
b. In case of a draw, both teams will share equal points (group stages).
c. Penalties will decide the result in case of a draw (knockout stages).

Failure to comply with above rules will lead to disqualification.


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