Singles Registration
Sport: FIFA


Venue: Gunroom Mess


Half Length Timings (May vary due to number of registrations):

Group and Knockout Rounds: 5 minutes.
Quarter Finals: 6 minutes.
Semi Finals: 6 minutes.
Final: 8 minutes.

1. 3 pauses are allowed in each match, the time allotted will be 30 seconds.

2. Classic Extra time format will be followed AFTER the group stages, otherwise matches in the group stages will end at regular time.

3. A toss will be conducted to choose which player will play as the home side.

4. Players will be allotted a time of only 1 minute to manage controller settings along with team management. No query will be entertained after the match has started.

5. Kit colors of the respective teams should be mutually accepted.

6. Classic XI and World XI teams are NOT allowed


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