Team Registration
Sport: Cricket


Venue: Muster Ground


1. A tennis ball (Tape ball) tournament.
2. Games will be played between two teams of 11 players each with 1 reserve players (total 12 players)
3. Each game consists of a maximum of six overs (six-balls each) bowled by each side and the over limit would be (2-2-2-1-1)
4. First two overs power play with 3 players outside the circle.
5. In case if two teams are tied with the same points after the group stages, the team with the higher NET RR will qualify.
6. Tournament points system awards two points for each match won (Group stages)
7. Tournament will be on an asphalt pitch.
8. Wide and No balls count as 1 run. All No balls will result in a free hit
9. A bowler can bowl only 1 above shoulder delivery (bouncer) per over. The second would be given as a No Ball.
10. Byes, leg byes and over throws are applicable in this tournament but LBW out is not applicable.
11. One Substitute fielder is allowed only.
12. In case of a tie, there will be a super over match*
13. Illegal bowling action is not allowed: If the batsman gets an impression that the bowler action is illegal than he can raise the objection by informing the umpires after playing the ball. The action will be checked in subsequent deliveries. If the umpire feels that the action is illegal, then he can declare a no ball or can cancel the over.
14. Organizing committee will reserve full authority to intervene off field and umpires will have full authority to intervene in field.
15. Umpire’s decision would be final.
16. All cricketing rules are applicable as per :

*In a SUPER over, 3 batsmen and bowler will be nominated from each team and if the 2nd wicket falls before the over is completed the team is declared all out. In case of tie in super over, the team with highest number of sixes in the whole match (actual innings + super over match) becomes the winner.


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