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Sport: Chess


Venue: NUST Library


1. International Swiss rules will be observed.
2. A dual timer clock will be provided. Each player will have a specified time for all moves.
3. In case of any irregularity, the clocks will be paused until issue is resolved.
4. Each pool match will be 15 minutes per player.
5. Each knockout match will be 20 minutes per player.
6. A coin toss will be used to determine white and black.
7. In the case of a tie:
• For pool match; players will be awarded 1 point each
• For knock-out; a tiebreaker will be played. Tiebreaker will be a blitz match, with 5 minutes for each player.
8. In case of any participant being late or absent, clocks will be started at allotted time.
• The participant can join the game whenever he arrives.
• If participant does not show up, the game may be decided on time.
9. The use of mobile phones during a game is strictly forbidden. Any participant seen using it will be disqualified, after a warning.
10. In case two players are tied on score in a pool, the winner of their mutual match will qualify.
11. In a pool match, a win awards 2 points, a tie awards 1 point and a loss awards 0 points. Scores are not counted for knockout matches.


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